Free Ukraine is a common goal!

We collect what is necessary for the military on the front lines and deliver humanitarian aid to communities.


* With your contribution, you automatically agree that the amount of the donation is non-refundable
** By donating to a specific project, you agree to their redistribution/use in other projects (for example, if the fundraiser is closed or not relevant)

Our addresses

If you wish to send us humanitarian, medical or military aid for further redistribution and delivery to those who need it, please use these addresses:

Small cargo:

Kyiv, department №55, tel: +38 093 119 1197

Chernihiv, department №16, tel: +38 093 216 9924

Oversized cargo:

Chernihiv, Myru Avenue 190, tel: +38 093 216 9924

Before sending or delivering cargo, please call the appropriate number to notify the recipient and discuss all the necessary details.

Request for help

If you work in a hospital, pharmacy, first aid station or are a volunteer, we are ready to help you! Please fill out the form in as much detail as possible.

Our team